Livestock EID Tag Products and Services

services-filler1The HHR 3070 is a Hand Held Reader that is easy to use and will read both HDX and FDX-B, EID Tags complying with ISO 11784/11785 standards. The robust HHR 3070 is designed for on-farm use and combines a good read range and speed of read performance with seamless connection to Farmplan, Farmdata and other farm management software.

The HHR 3070 enables the farmer to record actions and events about each individual animal or group of animals and then transfer the data to their management software for further processing and analysis.

Optionally, the HHR 3070 can be connected to a printer or electronic weigher, either via cable or Bluetooth*. Currently this works with Trutest, Iconix and Gallagher Weighers.

The HHR 3070 is available in a variety of models with different features and options, such as a range of exchangeable antenna’s, printers, weighing interfaces and accessories.

The HHR 3070 is currently being used to read pig EID Tags on a kill line in England

The HHR 3070 is ideal for Cattle, Sheep Pigs and Goats.

LEIDS has produced static EID Tag readers using BioControl stationery readers.  There a number of EID Reader types:

Kill line antenna1. Cattle EID Tag Race Reader with detachable battery and reader pack which allows the expensive part, the pack, to be removed from the antenna and taken back to the office to be charged and for security. The pack can be attached to any LEIDS antenna allowing antennae to be left on the crush or crate saving on capital outlay of a reader for each antenna.

2. Sheep Crate EID Tag Reader affixed to a sheep crush or crate that can be connected to a HHR 3070 allowing the reader to be used to capture date hands free when the sheep move through the crate. The HHR 3070 can also be used to capture weights, back fat or pregnancy scan data.

3. Wide Lane Reader 70 – “Sheep Eater” the fast throughput race that can red over 2,500 sheep per hour with high accuracy rates. See the Video on uTube on the home page. The “Sheep Eater” connects to Auction Mart systems through the Newline ASP software system. This race is ideal for Auction marts, Abattoir intake races or large farms.

4. Kill Line Antenna with Sensors is for Abattoir kill lines to help maintain the kill line number integrity. The reader is connected to two sensors on the kill line, one to sense the hook has passed starting the read cycle and a second to sense that there is a carcass present. If both are correct then the reader sends out the data to the abattoir software system. If no tag is present then a “No Tag” is sent” if no carcass is sensed then “No Carcass” is sent. The reader is very accurate and has a high throughput capability which more than matches the speed of the kill line and with the sensors installed gives a 100% accountability of the kill line animals. This antenna will work with Cattle, sheep, pigs or goats.