Livestock EID Solutions EID Tag and Reader – Overview

overview-filler1Livestock EID Solutions (LEIDS) has over 20 years’ experience in the Sheep EID tag and Cattle EID tag business. LEIDS has the expertise required to advise, procure, install, train and support EID tagging systems at all levels, from the entry level farm system to the large farm system (cattle, goats, sheep or pigs) to the most complex reading system in an Auction Mart, Abattoir large farm or fattener systems.

We are specialists in RFID and Information Technology and Communications (ITC) and we are able to supply and install a variety of equipment to the Agricultural industry, including CCTV, WiFi, PC’s and Servers. We also specialise in Software and EID Tag reading equipment, including hand held EID tag data loggers, EID tag drafting systems and exception management races

We can supply EID Tag reading equipment for Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs.

Click on the link below to see a real time video showing 50+ gimmers running through an EID Tag reading system (called a Sheep Eater) at Hawes Mart where upwards of 24,000 sheep were read over a 2 day period with a 99.2% read rate. The EID tag numbers are read and sent to the Auction Mart Software for recording movement and sale data internally and also provides movement data for the farmer and Auction Mart.

Cattle EID tag Race Readers are equipped with a detachable reader and battery pack which allows the most expensive part of the system to be taken back to the office to be recharged.  The EID tag Reader can be used on any crush equipped with a LEIDS Panel Antenna.

Sheep EID Tag Wide Lane Readers can be powered from 12 volts or mains