Sheep EID

newline-asp Newline Auction Service Providers
Supplies over 80% of Auction Mart Software with integrated EID reading for mart

Supplier of EID Reading Equipment for Cattle and Sheep

farmplanFamplan Livestock Software Systems
Sheep and Cattle Management Software Suppliers

caledonian-marts Caledonian Marts
Auction Mart with EID System fitted for Sheep EID

united-auctions-logoUnited Auctions Stirling
Auction Mart with EID System Installed

Information Technology

caley logo Caley Timber and Building Supplies
IT system Installed

mooringshotelMoorings Hotel
IT System, WiFi and Server Installed

duisdale-houseDuisdale House Hotel
IT system, Server and WiFi Installed in Hotel

torvaig-houseToravaig House Hotel
IT system Installed in Hotel



UK EID Association
Representing EID Tagging, Software and System providers in the UK and Ireland

Defra Cattle Tagging Regulations

Defra Sheep Tagging Regulations